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The remodelled step totally changes the approach to our house
I was reading Prisoners Of Our Thoughts – Viktor Frankl’s Principles At Work. Viktor Frankl survived the Holocaust out of which he wrote a book on his experience called “Man’s Search for Meaning”.In it he basically propounds that men always have a choice, and that it’s a cop-out to say that circumstances moulded my behaviour. You can read a bit more about Victor at WikiPedia. The book “Prisoners of Our Thoughts” is by one of Victor’s disciples, Alex Pattakos. In one of the early chapters he is discussing the concept of “retirement” and he says (though I can’t for ther life of me find it again) that it is a matter of survival for men to have a “project” and not to become wedded to the armchair and the TV remote. This sowed a little seed in me that was more like a grain of sand in an oyster. It irritated and irritated because I no longer had any projects. In fact, apart from work I couldn’t really say what I did or what I took an interest in.

I know what the root of the malaise was. It was combination of circumstances I had gone through in the last 3 years; losing my job, feeling constantly out of my depth with my clients, regretting not having taken my Dad out of the home on more trips before he died, but the biggest factor was feeling sorry for myself! This rankled because it violated one of the fundamental principles expressed in Steven Covey’s book “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”. It was a principle that I had grapsed with both hands and tried to live life by. It’s this; “between every stimulus and a response is a decision”. To spell it out; we decide whether we will let circumstances drive our lives or whether we are going to take control.

When I look back over my life I have always had something on the go; some interest that has absorbed me. But looking at my life now I was doing practically nothing and constantly putting off the things I needed to do. Our front doorstep was something that desparately needed doing. Andy Pennock had offered months before to help me rebuild the step. It was so high that some friends really struggled assailing it. We talked about it and Andy indicated that he was going to make a serious commitment to completing this step. I needed to get involved and make it my project as well. And I did.

The old step with the footings in to take the new steps

What are good friends for?

 The thing that distinguishes a project from other work is that it has a defined purpose, a beginning and an end. That implies that it has to be finished to be successful and you have to have something to show for it. So when a project is complete, can I return to the armchair and the TV remote? I think not. Projects afford me the opportunity to be creative, just as my Heavenly Father is creative. They cause me to hone my skills and develop new ones. They give me focus and goals. They can be opportunities to serve others, just as Andy served me. Thanks mate!

Genesis Chapter 2 says “By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.” I would be interested to know if the original word means “work” or “project”. It was a mighty project and of some complexity. I know he didn’t sit down and feel sorrow for himself. He had another project to complete – rescuing the human race; and that would involve sacrificial love.

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2 responses

18 06 2008

That looks fantastic. Well done Dad!

Love you.

18 06 2008

Andy Pennock did all the clever stuff. I did the preparation and the grunt work. I need to get it written up.

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