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Hi – I’m Jonathan R Seaton, affectionately known as ‘jr’ among family and friends. I have lived happily in Milton Keynes, UK since 1986 and am married to Gwyneth (‘gj’). I have 3 adult daughters (all lovely) and 5 grand-children (also lovely). I am a committed christian and grateful to God for all the rubbish in my life He has rescued me from through the sacrificial death of His son, Jesus Christ. I believe it is possible to have a personal relationship with God, which like all relationships is as good as the amount of investment I put into it. I am happy to talk to anyone on this subject.

I was made redundant in 2005 after having worked for the same company (an international health-care market research company) for 24 years. At my farewell I said that it was just as well that I wasn’t defined by my job because I’d be up the creek without a paddle. However, we often do find definition (who am I) in function (what do I do), and when for some reason we can no longer do what we do (illness, obsolescence, redundancy, change of circumstance) we no longer know who we are. The reality of being cast out did affect me more than I anticipated. Just to finish what I was saying; I believe we are defined by who our parents are, who we associate with, and what values we hold.

As a christian I have the added benefit of having God as my Dad, and because that relationship has been restored through Jesus, so it is possible for all other relationships to be restored (i.e. with those in my community.) So I associate with a whole range of people, but I’m careful as to who I let influence my life. My values fall out of my relationship with God, His command that I should love my neighbour, and Jesus’ teaching on being sacrificial in life (“take up your cross daily and follow me”). Such principles lead to the view that other people’s needs are more important than mine. So religion is not a crutch but a daily challenge to live above what one is naturally capable of, and Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to work in people to make this possible. Putting other people first is often called ‘love’.

The tag line for this blog (see top of page) indicates to me that it was always God’s intention that mankind should have projects; hence “A man must have a project”. Without projects we vegetate or get up to no good. I hope my accounts of my projects inspire readers of this blog and maybe help them solve some of their own challenges.

‘jr’ seaton – 24th July, 2008


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2 02 2015
Jim Chew

Jonathan – I rarely go on Twitter and was pleasantly surprised to read this. What a great testimony! So glad you and Gwyneth are in Wellington.

2 02 2015

Well well. You never know who you’ll stumble upon in the bloggersphere.

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