Nikon Coolpix S210 – “Lens Error”

12 10 2010

A friend who has a Nikon Coolpix S210 asked me to try to fix the Lens Error problem for her. This is where the lens makes a whirring sound when turned on, but doesn’t emerge. The LCD shows an error message. I read several forums including without success. The lens would only emerge a couple of mm and there was no way I could get a grip on the barrel, or prise it out with a blade. I first made sure I had fully-charged batteries inserted as weak batteries can have this effect (thanks for the reminder cns949). I tried applying suction with a Dyson, but this didn’t work either. Tapping it on my palm had no effect. Then I decided to slip a scalpel under the lens cover and firmly pull on the lens mechanism as I turned it on. To my surprise the lens rotated slightly and came fully out. I have taken several pictures and turned it on and off and it is still working a few hours later.

Picture showing scalpel under the lens cover

Nikon Coolpix with blade inserted

It would appear that this is a very common problem with the Nikon Coolpix range and from reading various forums, many people have been very disappointed, with a Lens Error fault within hours of taking it out of the box. Some people with less patience than me have thrown their Coolpix on the floor in exasperation. This does not usually fix the problem.

This is about as physical as I would get with such a small, delicate piece of equipment. Repairing with an authorised agent will cost about the same as the price of a new replacement. I would say, if you’re nervous, don’t buy one.




16 responses

1 02 2011

We’re into February and the above camera is still working fine. 🙂

16 04 2011

I took the above advise and used a box cutter razor tip to pry the lens cover out as I turned it on and to my surprise it did bring the lens out. I cleaned around the lens with a soft cloth and a small amount of flat screen TV cleaner. It seems to be working. I took a few pictures and turned it off and on a few times. This happened to my camera about a year ago and I sent it back to Nikon and they fixed it no charge. Took about two weeks. Hopefully I fixed it myself this time.

7 06 2011

Glad the advice enabled you to sort out the problem. I get several hits a day on this topic. It’s nice to get some feedback. Thanks.

16 07 2011

I would not have thought to try to fix this problem myself.
Thanks for the advice.

16 07 2011

This fault often occurs when the battery is weak so another tip is to make sure you battery is fully charged.

16 07 2011

The comment about a weak battery is very important and I should have mentioned it in the main text as having fully-charged batteries is the precursor to all attempts to fix the problem.

28 07 2011

Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Infomation you have provided me .

2 12 2012
Florentin (@tinzzo)

With this image you help me to repair my Nikon Coolpix S3100 it works now, thanks man.

3 01 2013
Freddie Chongthu

I had a lens error problem and i took the above advise, i pulled the lens cover in my nail during the switch on and the lens is out. The lense is working very well like before. Thanks for your advice.

26 02 2013

Thank you so much this worked so well I am amazed I’ve had my Nikon coolpix s210 repaired by Nikon 4 times now I know I can fix it myself works great!!! Never would have thought of it!!

24 09 2013
Angel Jordan

I am having the same problem with the lens error, but I have had my nikon coolpix S210 about 7 years and it just started. Gonna try what y’all say in the morning hopefully it works . I love my nikon been looking for another nikon coolpix s210 plum color

28 07 2015

Hi – having the same problem, but the lens is stuck in the open position. Any ideas how I can force it to close?

25 12 2016

i couldn’t get it honestly. do you have any video showing the process??

26 12 2016

Dear Anonymous. I only had to fix my camera once. Obviously when I tried the scalpel I didn’t know it was going to work. Over 10,000 people have viewed this blog. Which part of ” slip a scalpel under the lens cover and firmly pull on the lens mechanism as you turn the camera on” don’t you understand? Suggest you tweet for help if you can’t understand this. Happy New Year.

5 06 2017
Don Maclean

I have tried the scalpel fix with my Coolpix S3600 – no joy! The lens shutter assembly came off showing the internal mechanisms, which helped me find and remove some soft fluff, I tried pushing and pulling various components as I activated the power switch – nothing worked – after a little click sound I still got the “lens error” message. Nothing appears to be out of shape. I think something fundamental is stuck and the camera is now US.

5 06 2017

Sorry to hear the fix didn’t work. As you can see from the comments, many have been able to turn their US camera into a working one again. Unfortunately yours has remained stubbornly broken.

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