Only half a run is enough

9 06 2009

It was more than enough to go out with Anna on a 5km run (please wait while the map loads) from home this morning. I nearly died but we did it only 1 minute faster than I’ve ever previously done.

Why all the grief? Well I haven’t run since coming back from New Zealand last October, and I’ve not done any regular exercise. It just goes to show. I certainly miss the Boxercise each week.

On Sunday I went for a 23 mile cycle ride in the rain with Simon, my son-in-law (one of). That too was exhausting, but the torrential rain certainly didn’t help. On arriving at Emberton we found ourselves in the middle of the National Sprint Triathlon Championship. Those guys were really cycling, and they’d already swum in the lake. The following day I discovered that a number of them had to retire with hypothermia. So there you go. I was wearing my onshore sailing jacket, recommended by Roy Pink. I still had trouble climbing the stairs for a hot shower when I arrived home.




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