My one-man neighbourhood watch scheme

8 02 2009

Okay – so I sit at my desk all day, staring at two LCD screens and a blank wall. My windowsill is at forehead level and the glass actually starts above my head. I get beautiful views of the clouds (lots last summer), I occasionally get startled by a bird flying into the glass, but I can hear people coming and going below me on the drive. In fact last June I heard our car draw up, the car door shut, a few footsteps, then a scream followed by sobbing. It was Gwyneth as she draped herself across our new steps. I abandoned my desk at this point, thinking that someone might be in need of assistance and rescued my wife from a very uncomfortable position, face pressed against the front-door. (The outcome of that fall is that she has done some serious damage to her right knee and is awaiting surgery. Ouch!)

Okay, back to the central theme. What I need is a convex mirror (the sort they put by concealed entrances on the street), but hey, they’re not cheap. Ebay sells loads of convex mirrors, some quite old and dull, others old and ornate. Unfortunately I ended-up in a bidding war, but still paid silly money for it.

The last thing I wanted was it crashing down onto me and my two screens and so I searched for a not-too-expensive universal joint for mounting flat screens to your wall. The one I really wanted was out of stock but eventually turned up. It gives me adjustment in two planes but unfortunately, once I had fitted it I realised that I needed a bracket that would extend further out from the wall. As it is, I get great views of my neighbours’ cars, but I can only see half of my drive.

The convex mirror

The convex mirror




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