The fate of so many blogs

11 09 2008

You might get the impression that I haven’t done anything since I lasted posted to this blog. The truth is I have done loads. Some of what I’ve done has been projects, but I’ve forgotten to document them (photograph them), and as I’ve neared completion I’ve realised I don’t have a before image. But also the business of just doing stuff has squeezed out the journaling of what I’m about.

Of course, blogs by their very nature tend to be self-centred; and that’s not what I’m about. I’m not into navel-gazing. Rather it is an opportunity for me to reflect on what I’ve been getting up to so that I do stuff better in future. Is life just about living or leaving a legacy? That’s a big question.

So by typing this I’ve now overcome the inertia I had gotten into, and hopefully it won’t be such a struggle to commit thoughts to paper (metaphorically) in the future.




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