Widening the drive

21 06 2008

Widening the drive

The project for today (Saturday) was to widen the drive. Can you see the difference? There used to be just a narrow gap between the side of the car and the hedge. Mothers with buggies struggled! But not anymore.

Gwyneth and I had discussed this and as we’d had so many favourable comments about the new steps, we decided that we would like to open out the front of the house even more, although originally I was going to go in line with the edge of the grass. (I descoped the project a bit.)

I’d had some experience of pulling up bushes before and they can be tough; but I had a plan. I just needed a scaffold pole to use as a lever. That plus a rope or some webbing and lifting out the old laurel would be easy. The only problem was I’d lost my 10ft scaffold tube two house moves ago. The removal men had left it in the garage. [So I had a little sub-project earlier in the day – locate likely sources of scaffold tubes in MK that would be open on a Saturday (in the rain!)] Google indicated that there was somewhere on Bleak Hall. Better still when I got there the yard man gave me an 8ft pole for free! (Incidentally, the scaffold pole yard employed 24 people last year but now they’re down to 6 – caused by the slump in the building industry. It’s the worst for about 30 years.) Mission accomplished.

Once I’d cut most of the branches off with my telescopic handled loppers, I gave the trunk a bit of a shake. Seemed a bit solid to me. Then I saw the Sante Fe – with tow bar. That seems much easier.

What a Santa Fe is meant for

Laurel bush no longer part of hedge


A quick trip to Wickes secured hogging, ballast and pea shingle to go on top of the hardcore I had already bashed into the hole. I re-used some edging stone and cemented it in place. The job was finished around 5pm. I’d started at about 11am. The reward for completing the latest project – a nice hot Radox bath! The result was well worth the effort.




3 responses

22 06 2008

It looks really good! I’m not going to recognise the place when I come home for a visit!

22 06 2008

If you were thinking that the photos aren’t of particularly high quality – you’d be right. They were taken with a Pentax compact.

24 07 2008

Thank you for leaving a comment on my site ~

Your driveway looks very nice. Projects are a good way to accomplished things and be proud of our achievements. Keep up the good work.

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